answer the call of that which enlivens you

October 10th is a day I hope I will remember and reflect on often.

A day that demonstrated the love, generosity and kindness that we are all capable of.

It was around that time, three weeks ago, I made a fairly audacious goal.  I decided to pursue an idea full steam ahead without too much thought or internal debate. This is a rare occurrence as I am a perpetual planner {read control freak} and analyze just about everything.

During my six week stay in India, I’ll be volunteering at an all girls school in rural India called Pardada Pardadi Education Society. Volunteers are expected to kind of create their own agenda for how they want to spend their time.  So I started thinking…and thinking…and thinking. What should I do? I don’t know how to teach. I don’t know what the girls need most. I don’t know any Hindi and I’m not familiar with the culture.

The universe brought me the answer I’d been looking for. It popped into my head clear as day: I’m going to get each girl their own school bag. And art supplies so they can decorate their school bag.

Art could bridge the culture and language barrier between us. The bag is practical and also allows an opportunity for the girls to express themselves.
So I started a fundraising site and posted it on Facebook and Twitter. A few days passed and nothing. GoFundMe was sending me daily emails, taunting me that I had not received any donations yet. And then came October 10th.
I stared at email after email, shocked, overjoyed, grateful and overwhelmed. $100, $200, then $1,000 were donated. I WOULD be able to do this for the girls. Rather WE would. Family, friends, acquaintances and people I have never met before were making this possible. With the help of so many, we’d get these girls a great gift.
Other elements of this vision have come together better than I could have imagined. This experience reminds me of the idea that was so eloquently put by Rachel MacDonald that we must answer the call of that which enlivens us.  Learning, travel, newness, people, volunteering, adventure. This enlivens me. This call to go to India was one I could not ignore.  When I answered the call, I believe the universe conspired in helping me achieve it.

My flight is exactly one week from today and I can’t wait to see what more this adventure has in store.

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”- Goethe



3 thoughts on “answer the call of that which enlivens you

    • Thanks love, I’ll miss you too. I’ll think of you when I yell, “Oh ya, well your mom has chin hairs!” Just kidding 🙂 But I remember how to say hello, my name is Kristen in Hindi. Thanks for teaching me!

  1. Very wise and inspiring words Curious K. I’m very happy you are about to begin such an exciting and interesting adventure. Your good heart, great ideas and endeavor will give you all the tools to complete thoroughly your goal of helping and empower little girls to become great leaders and bring better futures to their lives. Kudos to you and my very best wishes, oh and you know I’ll be there for you 😉

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